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It goes with a beer🍺

What we like defines us. ✨ Like when a friend already knows what you’re going to order at your favourite bar, or when someone who knows you very well knows what song to play to make you dance like crazy.🕺

If what we like expresses who we are, I would say I like to travel, far or just 10 pages away from here. I like to re-read poetry and discover something new every time I do.

I would tell you about the beers in Gràcia, my undoubted obsession with playlists 🎶, the songs I’ve sung and my ability to imitate sunflowers, always searching for that delightful ray of sun.🌻

I play with words, and that pretty much sums up who I am, because what I like is to enjoy every single thing I do. ✌🏼 

Go ahead,  stalk me 😉

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Or hit me up!👇🏼
(+34) 651 57 81 21

Tornem a casa - Segonamà

For my 24th birthday, my brother wrote this song for me.🥺
(Yes, this is the best present ever)

One year later, we recorded it together with this homemade video. ♥️

La Ferida - Silvio Álvarez

Silvio and I wrote this song together some years ago. I never dared to share it.

Until now. ✨

It may be too cheesy, and maybe I would do it differently today, but listening to it is a way to reminisce who I was back then, and that's why I like it. ☺️

Put your records on - Cover

I’ve always been obsessed with this song, but when I discovered Rit Momney's version, I went crazy. 🙃 After singing it 1000 times in a loop, I recorded it. ✌🏼Iuuuuhu, enjoy it. 👯‍♂️